Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Awaken My Hope

I reached deep into my soul to express what it feels like when depression hits me. I know it will come now and then & when it does I cannot stop it but I can weather the storm as it passes. For I know my hope will awaken once again.

Awaken My Hope

There is a void growing quickly
That I've come to know
But I thirst for your presence
To stay with me and sow
The darkness keeps growing
Though I crave your Light
Overshadows my yearning
For your face in the night
The more that I seek you
The further I feel
Is your back turning on me
As I nip at your heels?
The void it keeps growing
No matter my pace
I sprint faster and faster
To catch up to your grace
The darkness consumes me
Shadows fall all around
No light in the distance
I fall on the ground
Do I continue this journey
With my face in the sand?
Crawling and begging
For separation to end
Out of breath and persistence
I remember Your Word
You will never forsake me
That's what I have learned
So here in the darkness
I will be still and wait
Knowing that you are good
My hope soon will awake


  1. It is Beautiful. The words come alive while I am reading.

    1. Thank you Cheryl! God bless you & keep HOPE alive in Jesus