Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Katie

I hope that other men may find a wife that will love them through anything like my wife has me. I am blessed & so grateful for my beautiful, loving, sexy & amazing bride. This is for you my love.

My Katie

This woman of mine
She stands by my side
When times are bright or dark
She loves me so well
Like I've cast a spell
Though powers I do not embark
The life she gives
Makes me happy to live
It gets me through thick & thin
Even When I fall down
And break my crown
Like I'm Humpty Dumpty's kin
All the King's men
And all the King's horses
Gather all around
They watch with allure 
As she places so pure
My pieces back together & bound
She prances along
Just like the songs 
Of Solomon's beautiful Bride
Through flaws & all
There is something she saw
And in the Word her love will abide
She follows Him
She follows me
The latter I know not why
But she obeys the Lord
Even though I have scorned
Her life from time to time
She gives me reasons to live
And love to give
For her I will lay down my life
My Katie, My Love, Forever

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