Saturday, February 27, 2016

You Feel So Far

You Feel So Far

I know that You are right here with me
I know that You truly care
I know Your name is above every name
I know of my sin that You would bear
But You feel so far

You are Adonai Purifier
You are the Comforter of those who mourn
You are the Healer of the sick and broken
You are where the world would release its scorn
But You feel so far

Where would I be without Your Spirit?
Where would I release these deep sorrows?
Where would hope hide if You had not found it?
Where would love rest if You had not abode?
But You feel so far

When will these thoughts stop trampling me?
When will peace be a friend of mine?
When will affliction be just a memory?
When will joy toast to a gleeful night?
So You don't feel so far

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