Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let the Rain Fall

Let the Rain Fall

I have come to a place
A fork in the road
I have a choice to make
Your glory or my own
Why does my soul deep within
Want the glory for itself
Like Robin Hood once did
Justifying acts of theft
Robbing glory from the rich
For all this world is fully yours
And giving to the poor
Poor delusions of grandeur
My depravity within
Envies the easier direction
Less pain and more glory
Selfish gains but more deception
Lies like these I've chased before
But this time it will be different
I've embraced the struggle of Your way
I now trust in Your vision
Though what I see are storms and rain
I hear thunders of affliction
There are various terrains ahead
How is this the path of conviction?
Have I had nails in my hands
Or thorns upon my brow?
You took my sin and shame
What's a little rain and clouds?
This path of great sorrow
but such greater reward
Is from my All in All
I trust you Lord I will endure...

So let the rain fall

1 comment:

  1. The world is fully mine. Hope the world remains the way it has to be. Hope his light will guide me through thick and thin.