Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Redeemer

My Redeemer

My Redeemer
Lift up my soul
It has been beaten 
Barren in turmoil
All I can think of
Is how I have failed
All I can sing of
Are sorrowful tales

My Redeemer
Take all my rags
Soiled and filthy
I've raised the white flag
I can't do it alone
No matter my effort
I trip and I stumble 
I've lost all of life's pleasure

My Redeemer
All I have is a frown
This smile I make
Is me sad upside down
Fill me once more
Take the sorrow within
Empty me of me
Fill me with You once again

My Redeemer
I have nothing to give
Take all that I am
So I truly may live
Take the depths of my soul
Take my shame and remorse
Exchange it with goodness
Show me Holiness' course

My Redeemer
You walked as a man
You've hurt, You've wept
They stuck nails through your hands
You were hung on a cross
While a spear pierced Your side
Blood and water flowed down
Humility conquered pride

My Redeemer
Now when I feel pain
I remember this image
Of You being hanged
You know what it's like
To hurt for no reason
After all you paid the price
You took on the world's treason

My Redeemer